When The Grave
Is Opened

Excavating a mass grave in Guatemala

All over Guatemala lie secretly buried victims of the country’s brutal civil war during the 80ies, where more than 200.000 people died. For nearly twenty years, the victims’ families have lived in ignorance as to the fate of their loved ones.

Today several exhumations are going on in Guatemala. Now some of the relatives to the victims are provided with the answers they have waited for so long.

A short documentary from 2001 about an exhumation of a massgrave in Guatemala – part of a the series “Shadows of the Past” – about reconciliation in Guatemala, Cambodia and South Africa.


  • Producer, Director & Photographer:

    Jakob Gottschau

  • Narration:

    Brian Patterson

  • Film Editor:

    Lars Harsbjerg

  • Executive Producer DR:

    Henrik Hartmann