Awards and screenings

FACTORY OF LIES/Løgnefabrikken. Producered with support by DR, SVT, Channel 8, Danish Film Institute, Ministery of Education. Sold to 15 territories and broadcasted in 50 countries. Among others: Sweden , Finland, Netherland , Poland, Spain, Singapore, Estonia, Israel.

WINNER – Best international documentary, Chagrin Documentary Film Festival, October 2019,

Movies on war, Norway, November 2018

Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival, California, March 2019

World Film Festival, Estonia, March 2019

FIPADOC 2019 STANDOUTS, France, March 2019

American Documentary Film Festival, California,  April 2019 

Sands Film Festival, Florida April 2019

San Francisco Documentary Film Festival, California, May 2019

6th International Documentary Festival of Lerapetra Awards, Crete, Greece July 2019

Iceland Documentary Film Festival, July 2019

FACEBOOKISTAN 2015, Produced with support by DFI, DR, YLE and Nord Vision fund, broadcasted in  Canada, Finland, Korea, Letland, Spain, Australia, Israel, Poland, Belgium, France, Ireland

WINNER Best IT documentary at DOK’er, Moscow International Documentary Film Festival



Docs Against Gravity, Warszawa,

Giffoni Film Festival 2016

Rotterdam, International Film Festival 2016

San Sebastian Human Rights film festival,

BRINGING LIFE TO SPACE 2010 /Turen går til Mars:

WINNER: 2010, Festival Internacional de Cinema e Vídeo Ambiental, Brazil, for best international series.. 

Best short documentary, Ecofilms 2010 Greece  

Special Price, Techfilm 2010, Prague, Czech Republic,

17th Shanghai TV Festival

WHEN THE RAIN FAILS/Når regnen forsvinder:

Envirofilm2008, Slovakia awarded a SPECIAL PRICE

THE BEGGARS IN ADDIS ABABA/Tiggernes i Addis Ababa:

WINNER 2010 BEST INTERNATIONAL SERIES, Festival Internacional de Cinema e Vídeo Ambiental, Brazil

Screened at the following festivals:

Hazel Wolff Environmental Film Festival, Seattle, 2008.

Krakow Short Film Festival, Poland 2008

Planet in Focus, Toronto, Canada 2008

Zanzibar International Film Festival, 2008

Globians Doc Fest, Potsdam/Berlin, Germany 2008

Docudays, Kiev, Ukraine 2009.. 


WINNER: Best series and the audience award at FICA , Brazil, 2008

Special price, Envirofilm 2005, Slovakia

Special Mention, International scientific film festival, Hungary.

Kathrine Knight Award, EarthVision Film Festival, Santa Cruz, US..

Golden Eagle, CINE Film and Video Competitions Washington,

Screened at the following Film Festivals:

Ecocinema, Athens Greece 2005

Scinema 05, Melbourne Australia 2005

GreenVison, St. Petersburg, 2005

CINEMAMBIENTE International Environmental Film Festival, Italy

Japan Prize, Tokyo, 2005

Roshd International film festival, Iran.. November 2005.. 


Vinder af TV-Oscar i 2004 for årets bedste dokumentarproduktion

MCAward, sølv i kategorien dokumentar for serien.

WHEN THE GAVE IS OPENED/ Når Graven Åbnes 2000

The International Film and Television Exchange, Inc. Crimes of War and Consequences Conference, 2002

WHERE THE RAINBOW BEGINS/Hvor regnbuen begynder, 2000

Screened at Japan Prize

MIRACULOUS POISON/Mirakelgiften 1999:

Grand Prix – BEST FILM, TECH-Film,  Czech Republic

Special price Envirofilm 2001,  Slovakia 

Diploma at Green Vision in St.. Petersburg, Russia 

Silver diploma Prix Leonardo,  Parma, Italien

Nominated as best Environmental documentary film  at festival-of-festivals ECOMOVE in Berlin, 2001

MCA-Awards, Gold  in Copenhagen in Copenhagen for best Danish documentary

Screened at:

Environmental film festival “Wild Space” i Melbourne, Australien.

Planet in Focus, Toronto, Canada.

Vermont International film festival for Environment and Human Rights, Vermont US.

Festival International du Film d’Environment (RIENA), Paris, France

Jozi Summit Film Festival, South Africa

Roshd International film festival, Iran

International 1001 Documentary Film Festival, Turkey