Jakob Gottschau is director and owner of Gottschau Media (former Express TV-Production) – a Copenhagen based independent production company specialized in documentaries for an international audience.

Gottschau Media has several times co-produced with Nordic broadcasters – one of the productions is “Tracking Down the Holy War” — about the history of radical Islam, others are “Late Lessons from Early Warnings”, “Bringing Life to Space” and “Facebookistan” which has been broadcasted and awarded at festivals around the world.

One of the latest production is: “Factory of Lies ” – a film which investigates the Russian troll factory in Saint Petersburg where young Russians are producing fake stories – trying to interfere in election processes in US and Europe . Recently Jakob Gottschau produced and directed a mini series about the Royal family and its relation to Greenland and the Faroe Islands. The series was co-directed by Martin Breum.