Miraculous Poison

The history of the pesticide DDT

When DDT was developed 60 years ago, it was seen as a blessing. DDT would save mankind from diseases and starvation, and the scientist who discovered DDT received the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1948.

Today DDT is probably the most unpopular chemical in the world. It has damaged the environment and wildlife around the globe, and it is suspected to injure the human and the unborn child on its most fundamental reproductive level.

Like no other chemical, DDT has proved to the world that progress comes at a price. The chemicals we release into the environment do not disappear. On the contrary, they can harm us for years to come.


  • Producer & Director:

    Jakob Gottschau

  • Photo:

    Henrik Lundø. Stig Bomholdt, Jakob Gottschau

  • Film Editor:

    Jesper Osmund

  • Consultant:

    Ulrik Dahlin

  • Narrator:

    Torsten Adler

  • Executive Producer DR:

    Henrik Hartmann

  • Support:

    Danish Ministry of Education, DANIDA, Danish EPA, Nordic Cabel Fund, YLE, DR and NRK