Land Of Silence

Dealing with the past in Cambodia

Back in the 1970ies the small South East Asian country of Cambodia experienced a tragedy of unimaginable proportions. The country was the victim of a brutal genocide, where the communist Pol Pot regime exterminated every fifth inhabitant. In less than four years, hundreds of thousands were murdered, and over a million died as a result of starvation and disease.

For nearly twenty years a peace treaty has paved the way for the first real evaluation of the Pol Pot regime – and perhaps for reconciliation. However, this is difficult in a country like Cambodia, were it is a seen as ‘wrong’ to talk negatively about the past.

A short documentary from 2001, which is part of the series “Shadows of the Past” – about reconciliation in Guatemala, Cambodia and South Africa


  • Producer & Director:

    Jakob Gottschau

  • Narration:

    Brian Patterson

  • Film Editor:

    Lars Harsbjerg

  • Executive Producer DR:

    Henrik Hartmann