Undermining democracy and privacy

“Like” it or not, Facebook wants you to share everything, but how much information are they willing to share with you? A new documentary takes a close look at Facebook, its laws, powers and its influence on privacy and freedom of expression. Facebook demands that its citizens are open and connected, yet Facebook as a company is far from open and transparent.

With 1.4 billion users, Facebook is the world’s largest social media space and the company stores personal data on an unprecedented scale.

Facebook is perhaps the most visible symptom of an increasingly closed and centralized internet, but is also a social revolution with great democratic potential.

Broadcasted in Denmark, Finland, Spain, Poland, Canada, Israel, Korea, Australia.


  • Director:

    Jakob Gottschau

  • Producer:

    Felicity Willetts

  • Cinematography:

    Emanuele Andreoli Jakob Gottschau

  • Film Editor:

    Jens Pedersen

  • Music composers:

    Edmund Jolliffe Julian Hamlin

  • Creative consultants:

    Ben Lewis Jacob Thuesen Jesper Osmund

  • Digital consultants:

    Pernille Tranberg Anders Kjærulff

  • Additional camera work:

    Jens Pedersen David Donnenfield Klaus Holsting

  • Assistant director:

    Emanuel Andreoli

  • Research:

    Charlotte Geckler Karthik Kalamanathan Melinda Nagy Kristine Nielsen

  • Graphics and grade:

    Mark Julius Nielsen

  • Sound design:

    Lars Rasmussen